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One Team. One Vision. One Mission.
The power of many is greater than the power of one.
Our team is comprised of visionaries with decades of leadership in the fields of technology and medical innovation. We believe in the power of a diverse and collaborative community of stakeholders in healthcare who are willing to break barriers, solve problems and change the world, one company at a time.
Dr. Ronnie A. Hershman
Cofounder & CEO
Board Certified Cardiologist
Active Angel Investor
“The problem is that Healthcare and Medicine have stubbornly clung to the archaic way of doing things in a fragmented way. Our solution is to collaborate across multiple disciplines through undeniably meaningful interactions, and by doing this we can help the innovators of today solve the problems of tomorrow. Changing the health of the world is my mission and HealthEffect is my weapon of choice."
Elliot Kotek
Mission, Vision & Impact
CCO & Cofounder, Not Impossible Labs
Exec Dir, Not Impossible Foundation
"I have always believed in technology for the sake of humanity. Throughout my career I have been committed to changing the story of healthcare by harvesting the crowd-sourced ideas of an engaged community. I believe that by providing one person or company with a viable solution, and widely communicating that opportunity, we can create sustainable impact on a global scale."
Bunny Ellerin
Community Curation
President, NYC Health Business Leaders
CEO, Ellerin Health Media
"Building a community of engaged healthcare professionals has been my professional calling for two decades. I've seen first hand the power of multidisciplinary collaboration and HealthEffect is harnessing that power in order to advance the transformative efforts of today's most cutting edge Medical Innovators."
Michael Lachar
Technology & User Experience
HealthEffect Product Development Leader
"HealthEffect is built on meaningful interactions between our Influencers and Innovators. This is the nexus of engagement for the key stakeholders in Medicine and every feature of our platform is designed to make it a worthwhile experience for each of our community members."
Omri Regev
Web Development
HealthEffect Technical Lead
“Technology is at the forefront of our initiative to connect the medical community. HealthEffect is custom-built and scalable as we welcome new community members as users. Our tech team deploys agile development techniques and is constantly iterating to develop improvements and new features of our platform."
Joseph Barisonzi
Securities-Based Crowdfunding
Cofounder & CEO, CommunityLeader International
Cofounder, CLiHealth
"For Innovators looking to raise capital, HealthEffect is more than just a source of funds. Utilizing the power of the community for financial AND intellectual capital is the pivotal difference maker. CommunityLeader's software is a fully compliant securities-based crowdfunding platform and we're proud to provide the technical backbone for Innovators raising money with the support of HealthEffect.”
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